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Welcome to the April edition of the Electron newsletter!
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Electron Governance
The big news this month is that Electron is moving to a new governance model, where responsibilities are distributed amongst various working groups. This will make it easier for the project to make progress on various topics simultaneously while keeping the discussions in each working group focussed.
Web scraping with Electron
Web scraping can be done with Curl, BeautifulSoup, Puppeteer and many more tools. But Electron also does a good job and this article explains how.
Teachable Desktop Automation
Using Electron with robot.js, tensorflow.js and angular to create an app that moves the mouse when you wave at your webcam. Mind blown.
Many years ago I had my own cobbled-together bridge between Cordova and Electron, but now there is an official release.
Working with Oauth can be daunting, but this library helps you implement it in Electron.
Motrix — Motrix is a full-featured download manager that supports downloading HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Magnet, Baidu Net Disk, etc.
Socketwrench — Socket Wrench is to Websockets what Postman/Insomnia is to HTTP connections (kinda).
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